ToxRe’s scientific risk professionals are offering the following services:

Re-evaluation of published and non-published proprietary safety/toxicity data concerning:

* new substances (and related Brands®) to be launched in the near future,
* new substances (and related Brands®) recently launched,
* generic substances (and related Brands®) to be relaunched for new applications, * interactions among pharmaceutical substances (and related Brands®),
* interactions between food/drinks and drug substances (and related Brands®),

Second opinion on toxicological matters
ToxRe’s experienced team of scientists and insurance/financial specialists is offering manufacturers and financial carriers the unique opportunity to obtain an independent and objective "second opinion" on the tolerance of their (new) commercial substances by making intelligent use of available toxicological information.

Regulatory affaires and registration assistance for companies seeking governmental sales approvals for their (new) substances and/or formulations (and related Brands®).

Potential liability exposure assessment
A reliable “second opinion” on the safety and tolerance of a new chemical substance (supported by relevant production, formulation, application and marketing data) may result in a successful re-assessment of the manufacturer’s future potential liability exposure prior to the launch of (a) new chemical, pesticidal or pharmaceutical product(s).

Re assessment of the potential liability exposure for companies created by the re/launch of generic and/or new substances (and related Brands®).

Risk management by scientific transparency
A reliable scientific re-assessment of a manufacturer’s potential liability exposure (expressed in monetary terms) also represents a reliable basis on which to create innovative technical and financial solutions acceptable and beneficial to the manufacturer and the investors concerned.

Cooperation with ToxRe provides manufacturers and investors a unique opportunity to obtain an objective insight into the sustainability of a company.

Critical and hazardous substances
ToxRe is regularly updating a list of critical and hazardous substances such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and biochemicals, etc. found on exclusion lists distributed by re/insurers in various international markets.
All shown substances are believed to have caused serious adverse effects to humans and/or to the environment. The purpose of drawing up this list is not only to provide the name of the active substance - as distinct for one or another commercial synonym - but also to provide some guidance as to the nature of the observed adverse effects as well as to the actual proprietary status for each indicated individual substance. On specific request by manufacturers selective parts of our basic updated "ToxRe-List" can be made available to manufacturing clients for explanatory purposes.

Intellectual property and confidentiality
ToxRe attaches the greatest importance to ensuring that intellectual property rights and exclusivity rights of proprietary toxicological and safety data are safeguarded. ToxRe ise aware that such protection is crucial for the success of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. ToxRe does guarantee confidential handling of such intellectual property as part of its consultancy service.
ToxRe treats all submitted proprietary toxicity data as well as its subsequent toxicological findings, liability assessments and insurance solutions as strictly confidential. None of the end-point assessments and second opinion reports compiled by ToxRe concerning proprietary substances is published without the written agreement of the clients/owners.
Unless otherwise agreed, ToxRe reports are forwarded to clients in encrypted electronic form or via registered private post.

The team of ToxRe:

Senior toxicologist and liability exposure specialist:
-Gijs van den Hurk (B.Sc. Tropical Agriculture, Toxicology. CV*).
Senior risk engineer for toxicology and liability exposure.
Specialized in crop protection chemicals, pesticides, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, hormones, food additives, fine & bulk chemicals, polymers, contaminants, asbestos, man-made mineral fibres, etc.

E-mail: or

Scientific advisers:
- Matthias Refardt (Agricultural Ing. CV*).
Specialised in crop protection chemicals, pesticides, biopesticides, biotechnical products, fertilizers, etc.).


- Gerhard Nohynek (Ph.D. Toxicology. CV*).
Diplomat of the American Board of Toxicology, EUROTOX registered toxicologist. Specialized in drug toxicology, cosmetics, pesticides, biochemicals, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food additives, etc.).


- Gyselle van den Hurk-Strub (Dr. med. vet. CV*).
Preferences: veterinary pharmaceuticals, diagnostic imaging (roentgenology, sonography) and surgery.

- Josée van den Hurk-Schmidlin (lic. phil. clinical psychology FSP. CV*).
Preferences: clinical psychology, neuropsychology, behavioral medicine, prevention.

E-mail: José

Web design & management assistance:
Roger Dekkers (Student in Business Administration, Erasmus University, Rotterdam. CV*)

CV* . . . . . . . . .Detailed CV available on request.